Based on the statutes approved by vote of the regular members in Winterthur, Switzerland, 10 August 1988. Modified by the 2002-2005 and 2006-2009 AIC Executive Committees, and approved by vote of the regular members in the General Assembly in Hangzhou, China, 14 July 2007. With a modification introduced by the 2006-2009 AIC Executive Committee, presented at the General Assembly 2009 in Sydney, and approved by vote of the regular members on 3 December 2009. With a modification introduced by the 2010-2013 AIC Executive Committee, presented at the General Assembly 2013 in Newcastle, and approved by the regular members.


  • The term of the executive committee members was reduced from 4 to 2 years.
  • The ordinary members shall be eligible for one re-election.
  • The Secretary/Treasurer shall be eligible for three re-elections.
  • The retiring Vice President shall automatically continue as President for an additional 2-year term and will then have the role of Past President for a 2-years term.
  • The Past-President position is a “consultant” position or trustable advisor in order to benefit the work of the EC.
  • The editor of the Journal of the AIC will be invited to attend the EC meetings.
  • Article 8, Financial: The annual subscription for an associate member shall be determined by the Executive Committee but shall not be below 75% of the regular member fee.


  • The category of “region” is added to the category of “country”, with the aim of making the AIC more open to color associations which previously could not have a place as regular members. However, the AIC Executive Committee decides in which cases the incorporation of a regular member from a region is pertinent and creates no conflict with the existing regular members.


  • The previous category of “observer” has been changed into “individual member”, allowing persons domiciled in any country (even in countries with a national color association that is an AIC regular member) to become an individual member. The idea behind this is to have more direct contact with the people.
  • The General Assembly is to be held every 2 years (at Midterm Meetings and Congresses) instead of every 4 years (only at Congresses).
  • The membership dues are to be voted on by members rather than fixed by the Statutes or established by the Executive Committee.
  • The different Guidelines that appeared at the end of the 1988 statutes have been placed in separate documents. These guidelines are approved by the AIC Executive Committee.

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