CADE AWARD recipients

The AIC Award for Color in Art, Design and Environment (CADE) is established to recognize those who excel in the areas of design, art, architecture and humanities. The award is presented every two years, at AIC Congresses and Midterm Meetings. This award was established in 2015 and first given in 2017. The selection is an arduous procedure that includes nominations by AIC members and analysis of antecedents of the nominees by a Committee.

  Roy Osborne  (Great Britain)

2019 at the AIC Midterm Meeting, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Roy Osborne has sustained a deep interest in colour since studying art in 1966-70. He has contributed to some 20 books on colour, starting with 'Lights and Pigments' (1980). For 30 years he taught studio art, as well as presenting over 2,000 lectures at over 200 institutions worldwide. In 2003 he was awarded the Turner Medal of the Colour Group (Great Britain).

The 2019 CADE Award was sponsored by the Argentine Color Group.

  Antal Nemcsics [1927-2019] (Hungary)

2017 at the AIC 13th Congress, Jeju, Korea.  PhD of Architectural Sciences and D.Sc. of Color Sciences. Chairman of the Hungarian National Color Committee (1969-2015). He obtained the International Giorgione Award (Venice) and the International Award for Color Environment Design (Stuttgart). Author of the Coloroid system, built on harmony thresholds, his book Color dynamics is used as a textbook in many universities of the world. He has more than 100 color constructions of facades and internal spaces, including color designs in Budapest for the Ferenc Lizst airport, the Metropolitan Railway, and the Castle District.

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