AIC Study Groups


Study Group on Color Education (CE)

Chair: Robert Hirschler (Hungary and Brazil),


It is an international network of scientists, teachers within the field of color (color theory, color design, color psychology, etc.), and other professionals like designers and architects with a specific interest in color education. Aims: exchange of knowledge and experiences among its members; stimulation of teaching and research; to inform about coming congresses, seminars, workshops and exhibitions which might be of interest; to share news from congresses, seminars, workshops, publications and exhibitions.


This study group is active since 1978. Along its history, it has been chaired by:

                    1978-1983 - János Schanda (Hungary)

                    1984-1986 - Oscar Estévez (The Netherlands)

                    1987-1992 - Nancy Jo Howard (USA)

                    1993-1995 - Eric Melse (The Netherlands)

                    1996-1998 - Roy M. Osborne (Great Britain)

                    1999-2009 - Berit Bergström (Sweden)

                    2010-today - Robert Hirschler (Hungary and Brazil)


Study Group on Environmental Color Design (ECD)

Chair: Verena M. Schindler (Switzerland)

Co-chair: Yulia A. Griber (Russia)


It is an international group of scientists, designers, architects, artists and other professionals with a specific interest in color as a means of environmental design and its effects on human emotion, cognition and behavior. Aims: exchange of knowledge and experience among its members; stimulation of research and teaching, meetings and exhibitions; propagation of knowledge and experiences through congresses, seminars, workshops, publications and exhibitions.


This study group is active since 1982. Along its history, it has been chaired by:

                    1982-1988 - Anders Hĺrd, chair (Sweden), Lars Sivik, secretary (Sweden)

                    1989-1997 - Leonhard Oberascher (Austria)

                    1998-2005 - José Luis Caivano, chair (Argentina), Leonhard Oberascher, co-chair (Austria)

                    2006-2011 - Verena M. Schindler, chair (Switzerland), Leonhard Oberascher, co-chair (Austria)

                    2011-2017 - Verena M. Schindler (Switzerland)

                    2017-today - Verena M. Schindler, chair (Switzerland), Yulia A. Griber, co-chair (Russia)


Study Group on Color Vision and Psychophysics (CVP)

Chair: Katsunori Okajima (Japan)

Secretary: Manuel Melgosa (Spain)


Purpose: The purpose of this study group was originally to discuss basic and practical studies on color perception of the elderly, such as color appearance, color discrimination, brightness perception of colors, color preference and application tools for planning and testing universal color designs, and to share useful information among the members concerning color perception of the elderly. At the SG meeting in AIC 2012, however, we decided that we would change the study group’s name to Color Vision and Psychophysics to expand our domain. From 2013, therefore, we deal with a broader range of topics from color vision models to universal color design, while still including color perception of the elderly.


This study group, previously called “Color Perception of the Elderly” (CPE), is active since 2001.


Study Group on The Language of Color (LC)

Chair: Dimitris Mylonas (United Kingdom)

Co-chair: Galina Paramei (United Kingdom)


Various authors have been developing the point of view of color as a language, as shown in the papers presented at various AIC meetings and congresses. By considering the increasing modern interest for color communication and color language, it might be worthwhile to focus the attention of the AIC community on the basic facts of the language of color. Fields such as linguistics, semiotics and cognitive science, and topics such as color naming and categorization, colored synaesthesia, semantic studies on color, color grammar and syntax, are key to this study group.


This study group is active since 2009. Previous chairpersons have been:
                    2009-2015 – Jin-Sook Lee, chair (Korea), Paul Green-Armytage, co-chair (Australia)


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Previous AIC Study Groups


Study Group on Visual Illusions and Effects (VIE) (1993-2014)

Chair: Osvaldo da Pos (Italy)


The VIE study group was active from 1993 until the end of 2014.

The purpose was to stimulate a general discussion about: 1) the scientific relevance of the various visual effects discovered and studied; 2) the relationship between psychology, neurophysiology and physics in the intepretation of the "real" and "illusory" (or "virtual") world.


Study Group on Color Order Systems (COS) (1978-1990?)


                    1978-1983 - Günter Wyszecki (Canada)

                    1984-1985 - Fred Wallace Billmeyer, Jr. (USA)

                    1986-1987 - C. James Bartleson (USA)

                    1987-1990? - Nick Hale (USA)


The study group on Color Order Systems was active from 1978 until 1990, aproximately (the exact date of its ending is uncertain).

The aims were: 1) to compile an annotated bibliography on color order systems, 2) to identify applications of color order systems.