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JAIC is the Journal of the International Colour Association (AIC) and publishes multi-disciplinary work about colour



Volume 8 (2012)

Special Issue of the VI conference of the Italian Colour Group







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VI conference of the Italian Colour Group

Alessandro Rizzi, Maurizio Rossi




Colour stability and performance of vegetal dyes on natural fibres

Stefania Acquaviva, Emilia D'Anna, Maria Luisa De Giorgi, Andrea Della Patria, Marco Fantuzzi


Quality of the light sources and colour constancy

Osvaldo Da Pos, Pietro Fiorentin, Alberto Maistrello, Elena Pedrotti, Alessandro Scroccaro


Physics, colour and art: a fruitful marriage

Mady Elias


Use of optical fibre in spectrometry and colorimetry with remote probes

Marco Gargano, Nicola Ludwig, Davide Pandini


Colorimetry evaluation supporting the design of LED projectors for paintings lighting: a case study

Fulvio Musante, Maurizio Rossi


The evolution of colour in design from the 1950s to today

Francesca Valan


Notes on colours and pigments in the ancient world

Sergio Omarini


The “ID card” of ancient materials: spectral signature, colour and thermal analysis. A tool for the monitoring and conservation of the archaeological heritage

Franco Gugliermetti, Fabio Bisegna, Laura Monti


Historical and scientific identification of an early XXth century artist pigments’ collection

Simona Rinald, Claudio Falcucci