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JAIC is the Journal of the International Colour Association (AIC) and publishes multi-disciplinary work about colour



Volume 7 (2012)







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Obituary: Robert C Breer (1926-2011)

Roy Osborne


Obituary: Rockne Krebs (1938-2011)

Roy Osborne


Obituary: Tom Troscianko (1953-2011)

Tim Meese, David Tolhurst, Peter Thompson, Iain Gilchrist


Obituary: John Gage (1938-2012)

Roy Osborne




Hiraeth: Designing a Welsh Identity

Chris Harris


Hiraeth: Designing a Welsh Identity - narratives

Chris Harris




Effect of red vs black clothing on the impression of persons engaged in a dialogue

Shin’ya Takahashi


Computer aided three-dimensional colour planning and visualisation system for product design

Kuen-Meau Chen, Ming-Jen Wang


Using soft systems methodology to improve the colour forecasting process

Tracy Diane Cassidy, Tom Cassidy


Effect of wall colour on the perception of hairdressing salons

Kemal Yildirim, Aysen Capanoglu, Kubulay Cagatay, M Lutfi Hidayetoglu


Conspicuity of chromatic light from LED spotlights

Markus Reisinger, Ingrid Vogels, Ingrid Heynderickx


Choices for colour, light and line of women living in continuing care retirement communities in the USA

Melina Lyon, Shiretta Ownbey, Randall Russ