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JAIC is the Journal of the International Colour Association (AIC) and publishes multi-disciplinary work about colour



Volume 14 (2015)







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Broken colour in a modern world: chromatic failures in purist art and architecture

Carolyn Kane


Natural dyes in the design of textile: how to make them more competitive face to synthetic dyes

Teresa Campos Viana, Caroline Salvan Pagnan, Eliane Ayres


A definition of global hue contrast in artworks

Martin Constable, Junyan Wang, Kap Luk Chan, Xiaoyan Zhang


Consistent shadow values for painters

Paul Centore


The relationship between consumer colour preferences and product-colour choices

Stephen Westland, Meong Jin Shin


Detection of transition of red colours on Nishiki-e printings from colour-corrected digital images

Takuzi Suzuki, Misaki Kan'no, Noriko Yata, Yoshitsugu Manabe