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JAIC is the Journal of the International Colour Association (AIC) and publishes multi-disciplinary work about colour



Volume 13 (2014)

Special Issue of the IX conference of the Italian Colour Group







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IX conference of the Italian Colour Group

Alessandro Rizzi, Maurizio Rossi




An extended image database for colour constancy

Alessandro Rizzi, Cristian Bonanomi, Davide Gadia


An applied research to assess the experience of the colour of urban lighting: a pilot study in Milano downtown

Daria Casciani, Maurizio Rossi


‘Italian blues’: A challenge to the universal inventory of basic colour terms

Galina V Paramei, Mauro D’Orsi, Gloria Menegaz


Colour measurements for monitoring the conservation of contemporary artworks

Veronica Marchiafava, Giovanni Bartolozzi, Costanza Cucci, Marco De Vita, Marcello Picollo


Ecology and colour – the emerging design perspective

Francesca Cattaneo, Sabrina Lucibello


Intelligent design with chromogenic materials

Marinella Ferrara, Murat Bengisu


Turn a colour with emotion: a linguistic construction of colour in English

Jodi L Sandford


White can be transparent: why Wittgenstein is wrong

Osvaldo da Pos, Liliana Albertazzi, Valerio Villani


The nature and chromogenic plants

Forouzandeh Ghasemi